US Dollar cycle patterns

VIX VIX challenged its weekly mid-Cycle resistance at 16.06, closing beneath it.  It appears to be on an aggressive buy signal (NYSE sell signal), while closing above mid-Cycle resistance may confirm the signal.

(ZeroHedgeAnd CSFB’s “Fear Barometer” just hit an all-time high…

As CS’ Mandy Xu notes, typically, an increase in the CSFB is caused by a combination of higher… Continue reading

VIX— VIX extended its Master Cycle low, three weeks later than the usual time. It occurred in the form of a rare triple zigzag formation. This leaves the “fear indicator” not positioned to warn of potential challenges ahead.

SPX ramps again.

SPX ramped for the sixth time above its weekly Intermediate-term support at 2068.16 since last December. This sideways motionfor the past three months has… Continue reading

VIX— VIX made its Master Cycle low beneath its mid-Cycle resistance at 14.31. Coming up next is a Primary Wave [3] which may meet or exceed the Head & Shoulders target listed on the chart. SPX stalls a second week at its

Broadening Top trendline.

SPX remains stalled at overhead resistance at the upper trendline of its Orthodox Broadening Top at 2046.00 this week. The… Continue reading