US Dollar cycle pattern

vixVIX declined to its lowest point in 2 months on Monday, while the VIX ETFs appear to have bottomed on Tuesday. If this is correct, then we may see the VIX and its ETFs rally for the next three weeks. The next important milestones are the Flag trendline near 22.50 and Cycle Top resistance at 24.27 where a long-term breakout may occur and the Cyclical… Continue reading

vixVIX rallied to the upper trendline of its Bullish Flag formation at 23.50. The next important milestones are the trendline and Cycle Top resistance at 24.29 where a long-term breakout of the Bullish Flag may occur and the Cyclical uptrend may resume in earnest.

(ZeroHedge) Stocks are now down Year-over-Year…

VIX up 8 days in a row (3rd time in history – 4… Continue reading

VIX VIX was clubbed on Thursday and again on Friday, even with potential systemic risk hanging over the markets.  After all, the market still appears awesome, doesn’t it?   As a result, it exceeded its “normal” decline of 30-50% back inside the Broadening formation by another 28%.  However, payback is coming in a very big way.  The entire Wave structure from… Continue reading


VIX appears to have completed its Wave (2) low and emerged above tis Pennant formation.  It also challenged mid-Cycle resistance at 15.90, giving an aggressive buy signal (NYSE sell signal).  Two different opinions are expressed below.

(Bloomberg)  Betting that the stock market will get more volatile has been one of the worst trades amid a 13 percent rebound… Continue reading

VIX VIX closed the week beneath its mid-Cycle support/resistance at 14.96, but stayed above its Master cycle low on Tuesday at 14.63.  Its new breakout levels are at 19.35 and 20.67 to re-establish a bullish trend.  While traders are anticipating a calmer season ahead, the VIX warns the opposite may happen.

SPX bounces off its trendline. 

The SPX bounced off its Orthodox… Continue reading

VIX— VIX “threw back” inside the Broadening formation and its weekly Cycle Top support at 21.34 before rallying back above both supports.  It may be ready for another liftoff.  Is another “Black Monday” in store?

The SPX is repelled by weekly Short-term resistance. 

SPX challenged its weekly Short-term resistance at 2016.97 before being repelled on “Decision Day.”  It has broken through… Continue reading

VIX— VIX challenged ist Intermediate-term resistance at 15.36 this week, but fell back, closing beneath all supports. A close above that resistance level may confirm a sell signal for SPX.

SPX makes a new closing high, reverses.

SPX made a marginal new high on Monday, then challenged its Intermediate-term support at 2073.43 but could not close beneath it. The support levels have become dangerously… Continue reading

VIX— VIX reached its lowest point since the first week of December. This was done through a zigzag extension from the February 25 low. VIX goes back on a buy signal (SPX sell) above 14.29 – 14.50. The reversal may be abrupt…

SPX rallies, but no new high.

SPXSPX rallied nearly 55 points this week, but could not close at a new high. Should it… Continue reading

VIX— VIX rallied above Cycle Top resistance at 18.95, but completed its retracement beneath it. Next week should add to the excitement, as VIX is capable of exceeding its October high at 31.06. The Cycles Model suggests a probable rally top within a week. It may get very exciting.

SPX challenges Intermediate-term support.

SPX challenged its Intermediate-term support at 2016.45 before retracing back to its… Continue reading

VIX— VIX closed at the upper trendline of its Ending Diagonal and just beneath its mid-cycle support/resistance at 14.33. Coming up next is a Primary Wave [3] which may meet or exceed the Head & Shoulders target listed on the chart.

SPX stops at its Ending Diagonal trendline.

SPX hit overhead resistance at its Ending diagonal trendline this week, preventing it from makig a new… Continue reading