US Bond cycle chart

VIXVIX challenged its weekly mid-Cycle support, but closed above it.  The Broadening pattern calls for a throwback inside the Megaphone before a breakout. This fits the profile.

SPX rises toward Intermediate-term resistance.

The SPX right Shoulder of its Head & Shoulders formation extended toward its weekly Intermediate-term resistance at 2027.35, closing beneath it.  It remains vulnerable to a decline.  The Cycles Model… Continue reading

VIX— VIX made a new Cycle low on Monday, then proceeded to run through all the resistance levels before closing at an 86% retracement and a credible reversal pattern. A close above last week’s high may confirm a sell signal for SPX.

SPX fails at a second attempt at a new high.

SPX made two lower highs, the second lower than the first, while making… Continue reading

VIX— VIX challenged its February high at 17.19 after making a new Master Cycle low last week. Although it broke above weekly Short-term support/resistance at 15.54 and intermediate-term resistance at 16.28, it closed beneath them. VIX is back on a buy signal.

SPX declined beneath two supports.

SPXSPX declined beneath its Short-term rsupport/resistance at 2072.89 and closed beneath Intermediate-term support/resistance at 2062.79. Further weakness may… Continue reading

VIX— VIX closed above its weekly mid-Cycle resistance at 14.22 after completing what appears to be an irregular Intermediate Wave (2). It is now due to rise above its previous highs to meet or exceed the February 3 top at 21.48. The Friday VIXnado has made another appearance…

SPX has broken its Diagonal trendline.

SPX closed beneath the two-year long Ending Diagonal trendline yesterday and… Continue reading

VIX— VIX challenged weekly mid-Cycle resistance at 14.23 this week before completing what appears to be an irregular Intermediate Wave (2). The largest move down occurred on the same day it made tis high…Wednesday after the FOMC announcement.

SPX breaks higher for quadruple witching.

SPX closed positive for quadruple witching this week just in time to pay off institutional options, futures and options on… Continue reading

VIX— VIX made a 14-month low on Friday and challenging its March 15, 2013 low at 11.05. It may go lower to challenge its December 2006 low at 9.39. The new word is VIXtermination, used to describe the selling of VIX into the close each day. It will work until it doesn’t.

SPX made a new all-time closing high.

SPX made a new closing… Continue reading