NDX cycle patterns

VIXVIX made a swing low at Long-term support at 18.21 on Friday morning, then rose to challenge Intermediate-term resistance at 20.27.  While the VIX is on a long-term sell signal, this level would be considered “neutral.”  However, the buy signal (NYSE sell signal) may be confirmed with a rise above the Short-term resistance at 22.66.  A breakout above the neckline suggests a… Continue reading

VIXIX rose above all weekly Model resistance levels except the Cycle Top at 21.92, firmly giving its buy signal.  The next move calls for a breakout to new highs.  While traders are anticipating a calmer season ahead, the VIX warns the opposite may happen.

SPX triggers its Broadening Top formation. 

The SPX may have triggered its Broadening Top formation while declining beneath… Continue reading