High yield cycle patterns

VIX— VIX completed a Minor degree Triangle formation today, implying a continuation of the direction of Minor Wave A. The Cycles inverted, suggesting the next peak may occur the first week of March. A rally above the Head & Shoulders neckline may get very exciting.

SPX closes at new all-time high.

SPX’s test of Long-term support at 1984.63 gave it the impetus to make a… Continue reading

VIX VIX challenged its highest resistance at 15.80 before closing beneath its mid-Cycle resistance at 14.29. This completes a reversal pattern at the start of a Primary Wave [3] which may meet or exceed the Head & Shoulders target listed on the chart.

SPX probed above its Broadening Top trendline.

SPX probed above the upper trendline of its Orthodox Broadening Top at 2058.00 and closed… Continue reading