gold cycle patterns

vixVIX closed above its Intermediate-term support at 13.29, leaving it on a buy signal. This week has been a consolidation week after breaking out above its Triangle formation. The next important milestones are the trendline at 22.50 and Cycle Top resistance at 24.15 where a long-term breakout of the downtrend may occur.

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VIX VIX made a 65% retracement of its rally off the 12.80 low.  It remains on a weekly buy signal.  The next move calls for a breakout to new highs.  While traders are anticipating a calmer season ahead, the VIX warns the opposite may happen.

SPX bounces off its trendline.

The SPX bounced off Intermediate-Term support/resistance at 2021.74 to make an 80%… Continue reading

VIXSPX— VIX rocketed to 53 on Monday morning, followed by a pullback to its Megaphone formation.  While there was a huge push-down in VIX, the VIX ETFs had their shorts squeezed.  An interesting dichotomy.

The SPX epic decline is rolled back. 

Monday’s epic decline in SPX was rolled back by a 50% retracement back into green in the days that followed.… Continue reading

VIX— After breaking out above Cycle Top resistance, VIX dropped to the bottom of its trading range, making a new low in a supernormal collapse. This is referred to as a Broadening Bottom or Megaphone formation which is a reversal pattern. Its average target matches that of the Wave A top in mid-December.

SPX bounces from Long-term support.

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— VIX challenged its weekly Intermediate-term resistance at 16.45 before closing beneath its mid-cycle support at 14.32. VIX remains on a buy signal.

SPX closed above Intermediate-term support.

SPXSPX challenged its Short-term support/resistance at 2080.89, but declined to close above Intermediate-term support/resistance at 2062.29. Further weakness may put its Long-term support at 2014.69 in its sights. Beneath that is the lower trendline for the Broadening… Continue reading

VIX— VIX closed above Long-term support at 13.93 and weekly mid-cycle support at 14.24. Partial retracements such as this are a warning that Volatility may continue to rise. The Cycles Model suggests a possible 3-week rally ahead.

SPX has a quiet holiday week.

SPX had a quiet but positive week closing near the upper trendline of the Orthodox Broadening top at 2100.00. Final resolution of… Continue reading

VIX— VIX closed at its weekly low, possibly intended to retest the lower trendline of its Ending Diagonal before reversing higher. It is on track to make a Trading Cycle low on Wednesday. Once accomplished, the ensuing rally may be surprisingly sharp and strong.

SPX re-enters its Ending Diagonal.

SPX re-entered its Ending Diagonal and appears to be capable of challenging the upper trendline one… Continue reading

VIX— VIX found support at its Short-term support at 11.51. It closed above Intermediate-term support at 12.45. The follow-through next week may be very surprising..

SPX’s closes flat this week.

SPX made a new high on Thursday but closed flat for the week. On Friday, it tested its weekly Short-term support for the second time since April. The surprise of the week is that the… Continue reading