VIX– VIX made a new Master Cycle low on Thursday, 50 days after the initial Cycle low on February 25. It occurred in the form of a rare triple zigzag formation. On Friday, it challenged Short-term resistance at 14.85, warning of a potential breakout above that level.

SPX declines beneath short-term support.

SPX closed the week beneath weekly Short-term support/resistance at 2084.31. The problem with… Continue reading

VIX– VIX extended its Master Cycle low, three weeks later than the usual time. It occurred in the form of a rare triple zigzag formation. This leaves the “fear indicator” not positioned to warn of potential challenges ahead.

SPX ramps again.

SPX ramped for the sixth time above its weekly Intermediate-term support at 2068.16 since last December. This sideways motionfor the past three months has… Continue reading


– VIX challenged its weekly Intermediate-term resistance at 16.45 before closing beneath its mid-cycle support at 14.32. VIX remains on a buy signal.

SPX closed above Intermediate-term support.

SPXSPX challenged its Short-term support/resistance at 2080.89, but declined to close above Intermediate-term support/resistance at 2062.29. Further weakness may put its Long-term support at 2014.69 in its sights. Beneath that is the lower trendline for the Broadening… Continue reading

VIX– VIX challenged its February high at 17.19 after making a new Master Cycle low last week. Although it broke above weekly Short-term support/resistance at 15.54 and intermediate-term resistance at 16.28, it closed beneath them. VIX is back on a buy signal.

SPX declined beneath two supports.

SPXSPX declined beneath its Short-term rsupport/resistance at 2072.89 and closed beneath Intermediate-term support/resistance at 2062.79. Further weakness may… Continue reading

VIX– VIX reached its lowest point since the first week of December. This was done through a zigzag extension from the February 25 low. VIX goes back on a buy signal (SPX sell) above 14.29 – 14.50. The reversal may be abrupt…

SPX rallies, but no new high.

SPXSPX rallied nearly 55 points this week, but could not close at a new high. Should it… Continue reading

VIX– VIX challenged Intermediate-term resistance at 16.17, but did not close above it this week. A rally above Short-term resistance at 16.60 and Cycle Top resistance at 19.02 may put the VIX into high gear.

SPX loses its supports.

SPX closed beneath Short-term support at 2062.02 this week. Long-term support at 2004.13 and the Broadening Wedge trendline puts the uptrend in jeopardy. The uptrend may… Continue reading

VIX- VIX a rally above weekly mid-Cycle resistance at 14.26 and Short-term resistance at 15.77 put the VIX on a buy signal (SPX sell signal. A rally above Long-term resistance at 16.77 and the Cycle Top resistance at 18.99 may put the VIX into high gear…

SPX has its first weekly loss since January.

SPX gave up all of its gains for 2015 as it… Continue reading

VIX VIX extended the “tail” of its Triangle formation this week, bottoming on Wednesday. A rally above the mid-Cycle resistance at 14.24 may confirm that the reversal to new highs may be underway. A rally above the Head & Shoulders neckline may get very exciting.

SPX made a new all-time high, but closed the week at a loss.

SPX made a new intra-day high at… Continue reading

VIX– VIX completed a Minor degree Triangle formation today, implying a continuation of the direction of Minor Wave A. The Cycles inverted, suggesting the next peak may occur the first week of March. A rally above the Head & Shoulders neckline may get very exciting.

SPX closes at new all-time high.

SPX’s test of Long-term support at 1984.63 gave it the impetus to make a… Continue reading

VIX– VIX closed closed within its 5-week trading range, still poised for a potential breakout above its October 15 high. The Cycles Model projects a probable rally top by mid- February. It may get very exciting.

SPX bounced from Long-term support, but still negative for the year.

SPX tested Long-term support at 1979.23 before bouncing to the top of its trading range, but missing the… Continue reading