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 The lead story is the drop in the Euro this morning. FXE is heading for its Orthodox Broadening Top trendline and Crash… Continue reading

I have been an avid reader of Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model.  In brief summary, there is the dumb money that follows the crowd while smart, or “hot money” is constantly looking for opportunities throughout the world.  Hot money can be the bane of governments, just as George Soros made over a $billion in a single trade against the Bank of England. … Continue reading

Good evening, Friends of The Practical Investor.

The sideways movement in the indexes since August 9 have many traders getting bullish again.   I am not.   A look at the following charts will give some clues for my mistrust of the markets.

One of the indexes that I am bullish on is the Volatility Index.

The VIX appears to be wrapping up a very… Continue reading

Last week I made the point that, if certain levels are violated in the markets, they would reach a point of no return.  Today is such a day.  Let’s review the various stock indexes to assess the damages and forecast what may happen next.


SPX crossed its Head & Shoulders neckline at 1112.00 today, confirming a minimum target of 997.00 for the… Continue reading